PDF version of the instructions:

Instructions Included

  • Homepage Featured Images
  • Sidebar Customization
  • Social Media Links
  • Directors Page
  • Navigation Bar

Home Page Featured Images

  Up to 5 images can be uploaded at a time to be featured on the home page. The featured image rotates on every page refresh.

To update the featured images

  1. Navigate to this link: Customize Menu
  2. Navigate to the ‘Images’ section
  3. Upload desired images

Sidebar Customization

  The sidebar has 3 capabilities. 

  1. It can show recent tweets 
  2. It can show up to 2 featured awards (image and caption)
  3. It can show up to 5 sponsors that cycles
    on the refresh of a page

To update the sidebar:

  1. Navigate to this link: Customize Menu
  2. Navigate to the ‘Sidebar Customization’ section
  3. Update the Twitter link, featured awards, or sponsors

Social Media Links

The website can show multiple social media links as images on the home page.

To update the social media links:

  • Navigate to this link: Customize Menu
  • Navigate to the ‘Social Media Links’ section.
  • Add social media links as desired. The images on the home page will automatically update.

Directors Page

The director’s page displays the current directors. Each director has a profile picture, email link, and short description. There is also a link to an individual page for the director.

To update the Directors page:
– The simplest way to add a new director is to copy and paste a block, then update it for the new director. For the image, upload the new image (must be a square), and ensure it is set to ‘rounded’ and the size is ‘Full Size’ and 500 pixels by 500 pixels, and is set to ’50%’. On the editing page, the the image seems large, but once viewed, it is the correct size.
– To edit the link, just click the link and press ‘edit link’.
– The read-more link then links to another page with more information for the director. The simplest way to create a new version of this page is to duplicate a current one and update it accordingly.
– To update the image on the read more, make sure the new image is a square. Then upload it and set the settings to “large” for image size and dimensions of 225 x 225.

Navigation Menu

The navigation bar can be updated to include many links. It can include drop-down menus if needed.

  1. Navigate to the ‘Menus’ sections: /cooper/wp-admin/nav-menus.php
  2. Make sure the ‘Main navigation’ menu is selected. The area on the left can be used to add links to the section on the right. If an item is designated as ‘sub item’, a dropdown menu will be created to accommodate the item. The duplicated link allows users to navigate to the page in the dropdown menu. For example, the duplicate ‘About’ page allows for users to navigate to the About page.


The default tab is the last to be edited.