Frequently Asked Questions About Orchestra

6th Grade Orchestra

  • Do I need my rental instrument for the Summer?

The Directors hope all students will continue to practice over the Summer and participate in Summer Orchestra Camps.  If you need materials to work on, please contact your Director. Ultimately, the decision to continue instrument rentals is up to each family.  

AHS/LFC Orchestras

  • Can my student take Orchestra and Athletics?

Yes! Orchestra will meet opposite most athletic periods. Soccer is one of the few sports scheduled during some orchestra classes as of the current schedule

  • What is Full Orchestra?

In grades 9-12, Orchestra students will perform with selected members of the AHS/LFC Bands – these ensembles will make up the Full Orchestras. There are 2 Full Orchestras at AHS and 1 Full Orchestra at LFC.  Rehearsals for Full Orchestra will be determined each semester – usually once a week after school (Around 2 rehearsals Fall Semester, 8 rehearsals Spring Semester). The AHS & LFC Full Orchestras perform at UIL Contest and Spring Concerts.

  • How much money does it cost to be in the orchestra?

Each student is required to pay the HS Orchestra Fees (Binder, divider, t-shirt, and end-of-year uniform cleaning fees) and other music supplies for their specific instrument (see handbook). You must also purchase or rent a quality instrument to play in the orchestra. The cello and bass can be rented from the school for school use ($125 plus tax per year.) Students can also take private music lessons, which is strongly encouraged! Other costs involve small fees (All-Region Orchestra, Solo & Ensemble, etc…) Students in grades 9-12 are also eligible to attend over night Spring Trips (spring trip costs depend on the destination).

  • Listing of Past AHS/LFC Spring Trips
    2005 – Branson, Mo. (w/ AHS Band)
    2006 – Orlando, FL

    2007 – Austin/San Antonio
    2008 – Corpus Christi
    2009 – Hawaii (w/ AHS Band)
    2010 – Austin/San Antonio
    2011 – Los Angeles, CA
    2012 – Corpus Christi
    2013 – New York, NY (w/ AHS Choir)
    2014 – Austin/San Antonio
    2015 – Orlando, FL
    2016 – Corpus Christi
    2017 – Breckenridge, CO.
    2018 – Austin/San Antonio
    2019 – Los Angeles, CA
    2022 – Corpus Christi
    2023 – Orlando, FL
  • What is the Uniform of LFC/HS Orchestra Students for formal concerts?

Students will be issued a school tuxedo or dress for formal concerts. This is provided at no cost – except for upkeep and dry cleaning (end-of-year dry cleaning fees are included in HS Orchestra Fees). Black shoes, black socks, etc…will need to be provided by the student (see handbook) Freshmen are issued uniforms after the start of the school year.

  • How is Orchestra scheduled on a typical class day?

Lowery Orchestras will be scheduled during the middle of the day – currently, Chamber Orchestra is 1st period, Concert II Orchestra is 2nd period, Concert I Orchestra is 3rd period and Sinfonia Orchestra is 6th period.

Orchestra at LFC and AHS is not a double-blocked class! Every orchestra student will meet 2 or 3 times a week (depending on the week rotation)

  • Which Orchestra should my student sign up for?

In early December – every 8th-grade orchestra student will audition with the High School Orchestra Directors to determine which ensemble each student will perform with. Since students register for their classes before May, every student should enroll using this code: FA1ORC – Orchestra. Students’ schedules will be changed by the directors through the counselor’s office once auditions are finished. Audition music will be available online and in the MS orchestra classrooms by early November.

  • Are students required to attend all events?

Students are required to attend all events on the orchestra calendar that pertain to them. In some instances, academic eligibility will not allow students to attend some events which are out of the district. We make every effort to inform parents about orchestra activities. Please see the handbook for more information.

  • Does the orchestra meet early before school starts in August?

Yes, there will be an Orchestra Orientation before school starts, in August for freshman Orchestra students. Students will size for uniforms, receive handbooks, locker information, and purchase t-shirts. The Allen Orchestra Booster Club sells spirit wear while a local vendor will have instrument repair and music supplies available. See our website for times and information.

 Can my student participate in Orchestra all four years of High School in their schedule?

Yes! Students who participate in AP/IB, Athletics, etc…have been able to take orchestra all four years of High School without taking summer school. Counselors CAN make orchestra fit into class schedules.

 Is there a Booster Club available for parents to help the Allen Orchestra Program?

Yes! We encourage all parents to join the Booster Club! See the website for info!