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LFC Orchestra Placements 2022-2023


Allen High School/Lowery Orchestras Handbook

Advanced Music Information – for grades 10 – 12

When registering in Skyward, students will need to use the generic code. 
FA1ORC – Orchestra


High School Orchestra forms – Due with payment by 8/27/2021
SCHOOLPAY – Due 8/27/2021 (payment receipts are posted in Financial section of your Charms account:

Cello/String Bass School Instrument Usage FeePAY FOR YEAR Due 8/27/2021 or PAY FOR 1 SEMESTERDue 8/27/2021 & 1/21/2022
If the contract that is given to the students is lost you will need to print a new one from CHARMS using the directions below:

  1. Login to CHARMS
  2. Click the “Inventory Uniforms” icon
  3. You should see a list of items checked out to the students, click the button labeled “F” to the right of an instrument (not a lock or locker)
  4. Print the form

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