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Week of 3/30 – 4/3 Assignments

#75 – Two by Two

#76 – Essential Elements Quiz – For Pete’s Sake

Please record these 2 songs in Essential Elements interactive!

Using Essential Elements Interactive Youtube video help!

Creating your Essential Elements Interactive account – click here for instructions!

The Essential Elements Interactive website

Week of 3/23 – 3/27 Assignments

#71 – Au Claire De La Lune

#73 – Buckeye Salute

Instrument Tuning Help!




6th grade fees with T-Shirt Order Form – Due with payment by 8/23/2019
CREDIT CARD or WEBCHECK – Due 8/23/2019

Allen ISD Performing Arts – Permission and Emergency Release Form – Return to your Orchestra Director, Due 8/23/2019

2019 – 2020 Allen Orchestra Booster Club Membership & Donation Drive Form


Instrument rentals and materials available from Local Instrument Shops


Essential Elements 2000 – Book 1 (for your instrument)  Available for home practice on the iPad!  Audio Files can be downloaded here!

Wire Stand

Shoulder Rest for Violins and Violas (Everest or Kun shoulder rest)

Tuner – Violin/Viola – PC1 Korg Pitch Clip On Tuner
Tuner – Cello/Bass – Korg CA-1 Tuner and Intelli Microphone

Rock Stop for Cello and Bass

Rosin for your instrument

Clean Cloth to help keep instrument clean


Orchestra Handbook for Allen ISD

The Essential Elements Interactive website for practice

  • Students will activate their account from the EEi home page by clicking on the “Students” logo Student Logo and clicking “Enroll in Your Class.”
  • Students will need the school code (allenorchestra) and their student ID (Allen ISD school ID# or your Charms password)
  • Students will need their book with them to activate their account.

Essential Elements Audio Files can be downloaded here!

Practice your note reading skills for YOUR instrument!

Violin Fingerings   Viola Fingerings   Cello Fingerings   Bass Fingerings

Note naming help and reviewing online:

Violin (D and A string notes)   Viola (D and A string notes)   Cello (D and A string notes)   Bass (notes of the D scale)


String Instruments taught in orchestra

The Violin The Viola The Cello The String Bass