• Smartmusic deals with pitch/rhythms – student responsibility
  • Feedback to students and parents 
  • Recordings/Analysis of performances – records/portfolios 
  • Large numbers in programs 
  • AHS Auditions Example   AHS Auditions Requirements

The following are the Orchestra Smartmusic STANDARDS to help “line up” use of Smartmusic in ALL schools.

How to Manage Educator Accounts – Allen ISD

Create an account at Makemusic with your Allen ISD email.  Allen Orchestra uses the same password for all teacher accounts (for class management help) – create your account here

After you are logged into your Makemusic account – Reedem your Educator subscription code here  ALLEN-EDU-2015-IMA

After you make an account – you will be able to manage your subscriptions under “My Account” settings at

(I suggest you also create a student account with your personal email address – so you can “see” what the other students see in Smartmusic)

How to Create Classes (Each Director will need to set up classes for their classes of record – in Skyward) – District Calendar

How to Enroll Students in Smartmusic – (demo)

  • enroll students yourself or send email link (process for students is not easy – Smartmusic needs a Charms system) Susan enroll students?
  • Students use their school mail and are given the same password in Orchestra (can change it)
  • Be sure the instrument is correct for each student so the correct part is displayed in assignments

How to Pin iPads

Before you “pin” iPads – you must redeem Practice Room Subscriptions. Do this only on the Head Director’s account.

After you are logged into the Head Director’s Makemusic account – Reedem the Practice Room subscription code here.  You will do this as many times as the # of iPads you are pinning – PLEASE do not redeem more codes than you have iPads.  ALLEN-PRA-2015

To pin your iPads:

  • Sign into the Smartmusic App on the iPad with the Head Director’s Allen ISD Email and Makemusic account password
  • Go to profile
  • I would name your iPads (EMS Orch 1, EMS Orch 2, etc…)
  • Tap Pin this iPad

How to Assign Assessments that are in Smartmusic

  • most assignments used are Custom Assignments for concert music or technique books
  • open a piece of music in Smartmusic, or create your own – then create the Custom assignment
  • orchestra assessments use click metronometwo measure count-inmy part and accompaniment off
  • Grading – Select the not scored check box to include a recording of the student submission that you do not grade.
    This is useful for teachers who want SmartMusic to calculate assessment scores automatically, but would still like to use a recording to find out why students performed poorly, or to assess other aspects of playing, like tone and musicality. The assessment only assignments are graded automatically, and are immediately added to Gradebook.

Smartmusic in the Classroom

  • Smartmusic and Smartboard (Smartnotebook) integration
  • Rhythm drills
  • Play recordings
  • Have students play by themselves (volunteers)
  • Teacher model (how to use Smartmusic)

How to Create Assignments that are not in Smartmusic 

How to Test

  • 5 iPads is ideal
  • Have students login as others are testing – pass to another student when done
  • Teacher can help with any technical assistance and mark rubric
  • Rubric (Microsoft Word)    Rubric (PDF)  – change Rubric as needed!
  • Test when team teaching


  • Do not call them Smartmusic Tests
  • Is the Smartmusic grading perfect?  Discuss with students what the aim of Smartmusic is for your program.
  • Keep it simple – limit assignments to work done in class
  • careful not to “over-do” testing – keep a schedule so students can be prepared
  • Keep tempos consistent in rehearsals and assessments

Try it out (band – flute, clarinet, horn, trumpet, trombone) –  password: violarocks

Example 1 JPG          Example 1 MP3 – 100 points

Example 2 JPG          Example 2 MP3 – 52 points

Canvas integration (Allen ISD Only)

SmartMusicLogoSmartmusic Login! Students and parents – you can see past Smartmusic assignments here!

(login is the same as at school)

 Smartmusic iPad Help video – what we are using in class for Smartmusic quizzes.

 How to purchase Smartmusic for your iPad or Computer use at home (use same account login as at school)